A longtime partner of MIM, the Swiss-based company has been developing innovative technology platforms based on highly precise body sensors in connection with smart micro-electronic solutions. The technology can be used and adapted for a wide range of applications. The measured and processed data are transferred to any application or device, such as mobile or desktop, for real-time monitoring or analysis purposes. As an integrated part of an entire Eco-System, Vexavit wearables unleash their full potential.

Since its foundation in 2001, Jeikey has been a worldwide company that operates in marketing services, more specifically in the area of gadget merchandising, by providing a wide range of high added value solutions and promoting a real human-to-human business approach. It has an active role in supporting partners in creating and controlling strategies and marketing solutions.

A newly-owned wine cellar located in a historic cave in the heart of Ventimiglia, La Cava has been focusing on researching and promoting small and high-quality producers in Italy and abroad, which are carefully selected in order to ensure that costumers always find excellence in their glasses. A true experience for the wine connoisseurs who want to explore a new world of tastes.

MIM’s communication partners since 2020, Hadock is an agency with more than 10 years of experience in the field of communication, audiovisual production, graphic design and media. Through comprehensive and strategic communication services they specialise in education and sport, guiding their clients in turning dreams into successful projects. The team is integrated by exceptional and responsible professionals, with the energy to meet ambitious goals; whether through branding, digital marketing, UI and UX design or social media.