Not a good ending for Lirim Zendeli in Sochi

Nov 4, 2019

It was supposed to be a conciliatory FIA Formula 3 season finale for Lirim Zendeli from Bochum in Sochi, Russia, last weekend (27-29 September). In the supporting programme of Formula 1, the motorsport talent started into his seventh motorsport weekend of the season. In free practice, the 19-year-old put another exclamation mark on the year with sixth place. As in the previous race weekends, qualifying tipped the scales for the Sauber Junior Team by Charouz – 21st place. It was like being jinxed. But the big end of the season came for Lirim Zendeli after qualifying.

“During the course of Friday, the team management approached me and presented me with documents to sign. Nothing unusual until then. But they contained demands that went well beyond what we had agreed at the beginning of the season. All attempts to find an agreement in our mutual interest failed. Unfortunately, I had no other choice but not to compete in both races,” Lirim Zendeli reported about his season’s end.

As he announced, he will now consult with his partners. His comeback for 2020 is already being planned.