Feb 4, 2023

Having been signed as Monaco Increase Management’s most recent driver acquisition, Lirim Zendeli joined MIM’s top staff for a journey to the Albanian capital city of Tirana upon the invitation of the Italian Ambassador Mr.Fabrizio Bucci. The invitation came in the frame of the launch of project Auto Moto Park, a tender which will allow Albania to have its first top-class racing track near the city of Elbasan, about 45 Km south-east of Tirana. MIM’s CEO and founder Salvatore Gandolfo, together with the Monaco-based company’s advisors, attended an evening at the Embassy in which the importance of the social and cultural connections between Italy and Albania was highlighted. The initiative clearly shows how Gandolfo and MIM are willing to apply synergies in a number of countries which are often not properly considered for the development of motorsports culture.

“It’s a real privilege for me to be part of this project as the first Albanian driver”, said 23-year old Zendeli, who had just flown back from the United States for the occasion after taking part in his USF Pro 2000 maiden testing session in Phoenix. On the following day, Lirim Zendeli sat alongside Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in the evaluation commission as the various proposals for the sporting facility were presented. Eventually, the project from former F1 driver Alex Wurz came out as the winner of the contest as Lirim prepared to fly back to the US to continue his preparation for the championship which will start March 3-5 in St.Petersburg, along with the IndyCar series of Lirim’s MIM ‘co-worker’ Alex Palou.