Born in Monaco on 22/07/2000, I am a 23-year-old entrepreneur.
Graduated from the GD Cassini Classical High School in Sanremo, I am currently completing my studies at the law faculty of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan.
Alongside my academic journey, I have been immersed in the working world since my teenage years, initiating various projects in different fields: at 17, I co-founded a streetwear clothing brand; at 19, I established a small management company operating in the music industry, and at 21, I co-founded an innovative digital startup providing services for university students.
Additionally, thanks to my longstanding personal connections, I’ve been linked to the motorsport world since I was a kid; while being truly passionate about the racing aspect I’ve been carefully studying the political background system.
Combining the experience gained from my personal ventures and academic studies, I have developed strong operational, managerial, and legal skills.
So I am eager to contribute my skillset, energy, and fresh vision to MIM, building on the excellent work done by Salvatore Gandolfo and his partners.